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Why The BTL Broker?


When it comes to Buy to Let - we've got the right tools for the job 


When we first founded The Buy to Let Broker our genuine desire was to create a team centred business where you, the client, are the centre of our world.   


How did we do that?     

Well we built the type of company we would want to deal with ourselves, a friendly and interested team with all round experience and a forward thinking attitude.  Proactive and energetic.      

"We're whole of market, FCA regulated experts in Buy to Let" 

No staid company policy or frustrating red tape and an ability to treat you on your wants, not ours.  And certainly not a company where we distinguish clients only by a reference number!    

We work in a business where telephone menus are banned!  Phone, email, text or shout at us and we'll respond, outside of office hours too.  Call us for the easy way forward. 


So where do our priorities lie?   

In obtaining you the cheapest and most suitable finance for the job in line with tax advice.   

Put simply we don't work for the banks, we work for you, which means we have no allegiance to any specific lenders.   We're whole of market brokers with a focus on service and being competitive, because if we get that wrong we don't have a business.   

As you can see we don't look corporate our website is designed to reflect our company, colourful and specialist.   But that's not to say we aren't professional in everything we do.    


So why should you be chatting to us about Buy to Let Mortgages?     

We don't bite - we live, sleep and breathe buy to let mortgages, so we know our HMOs from our ASTs.      

It is a fact that lenders are being more selective about who they lend to and the list of requirements with a buy to let mortgage isn't shrinking, so it's important you set off in the right direction.       

It's a bold claim but we deliver the right deals for our clients time after time and at the best possible pricing available.      

But we don't pigeon hole you, one size does not fit all, so we use all the lenders out there and a wide range of products.  Our approach is to build up a profile of you and what you want from your funding and deliver the best deals back to you by selecting from the vast amount of options to choose from.    


What’s my commitment?

Nothing at all, until you like what we can do for you and if you don’t, there’s no pressure.   

Ultimately mortgages aren't very exciting to investors, but they allow you to finance an asset using other peoples money.  The Buy to Let Broker gets you to the end result quicker, saving you time, money and hassle along the way.

So if you'd like a straightforward way to solve your buy to let finance, let's get started with that chat.


Can I see some reviews?

Of course!  We use the independent review service Feefo, click here to read real reviews from real clients.  




We're on 0800 949 9410.  Or you can get in touch here   

The Buy to Let Broker - 'We Invest in You’      


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