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Why Choose The Buy to Let Broker

Buy to Let is complicated — but it’s our job to make it easy. ‘Niche’ is our bread and butter. Whilst anyone can try to transact a bog standard BTL mortgage, we pride ourselves on handing out the absolute best advice, with no exception. Pulling the wool over our clients’ eyes isn’t our style, we manage expectations with proven results and never keep them in the dark. Is it because we’re some sort of cape-wearing, mortgage superhero? Nope, it’s just our job.

Creating A Fearless Future For Landlords

Our Do’s

We give you the true cost of your mortgage, not just the initial rate
We will get you a free bespoke quote in no time
We give you access to the whole market, not just latest lenders
We use common sense and decades of experience to get you the absolute best advice.

Our Don’ts

We don't just quote you the initial rate - but the 'true cost'
We don't keep you waiting for your quotes
We don't just recommend a few lenders; we work with over 50 BTL lenders regularly

Real Success. Proven Results

When we first founded The Buy to Let Broker 7 years ago, our genuine desire was to create a team and a culture where you, the client, are the centre of our world.  Fast forward to 2019 and we’re confident we’ve done that, but the journey so far has been so much more complex than expected.

Back in 2012, life was simple in the Buy to Let world. All lenders had broadly the same stress test, in fact the PRA didn’t yet exist, and no-one could have predicted the radical changes that would be enforced to the market a few short years later.

The Buy to Let Broker was the brainchild of Matt Hardman and Matthew Rowne, who are still the two directors of the firm today, albeit it that we’ve grown enormously from those early days, with over 40 years of mortgage broker experience between them, they became heavily invested in the landlord market over the latter 15 years of their careers to a point now where the business and the team here are held in high regard within the industry for advice quality, transparency and understanding.

We’ve been recognised with many awards over the years, from 2018’s What Mortgage Award to Feefo’s Gold Service 3 years running.

In the time The Buy to Let Broker has existed, The Buy to Let market itself has seen an unprecedented amount of changes, from stamp duty reforms, to stress test changes, to assessment of background portfolio liquidity in terms of ‘portfolio landlords’.

Our clients know what they want from a relationship – and we know for a fact that they don’t want to be squeezed, pitched or sold to.

We are in no way a sales operation.

Our overriding objective is obtaining you the cheapest and most suitable finance for the job in line with suitable tax advice.

The key word is collaboration.  We work with our clients on an equal footing.  We’re not here to pull the wool over your eyes, we’re here to help.  That’s it.  Our job is to make sure that you go into any transaction with your eyes wide open.

Put simply we don’t work for the banks, we work for you, which means we have no allegiance to any specific lenders.  We’re whole of market brokers with a focus on service and being competitive, because if we get that wrong we don’t have a business.

Well, we always aimed to build the type of company we would want to deal with ourselves, a friendly and interested team with all round experience and a forward thinking attitude.  Proactive and energetic.  Looking at our current 5 star review rating, we think we’ve done that, but there’s always room to strive and improve further and of course the market is always evolving.

But at the same time, we ‘rolled with the punches’ of immense change in the market.  Evolve or die; the whole team all felt their way throughout every detail of the seismic changes to the point where we genuinely understand the intricacies and challenges of the market in all areas.  We’re proud to have built the reputation that allowed us to have a say in how lenders tailored their offerings.Irrespective of the market changes, we feel any business should kill any staid ‘company policy’ or frustrating ‘red tape’ and have an agile ability to treat you as a client on your wants – not ours.  We certainly don’t want to run a company where we distinguish clients only by a reference number.  Our client relationships often transcend business and we want to keep it that way.

We work in a business where telephone menus are banned!  Phone, email, text or shout at us and we’ll respond, outside of office hours too.

We’re A 22 Strong Team of Mortgage Specialists

How It Works

We’re experts with a shedload of experience, so our clients can feel safe in
the knowledge that we’re doing right by them.

Step 01.

Quick Chat

We start with a quick call to understand your needs. It only takes a few minutes and our friendly mortgage experts will talk you through all your options.

Step 02.

Expert Advice

We then scour over 5,000 deals to find you the best possible mortgage out there. No credit check is needed and this is totally free.

Step 03.

100% Happy

Life is short so we work fast. You will have your free personalised quote in no time. We focus on the true cost of your mortgage, not just the initial rate so you are fully in control, now and forever.

Step 04.


Once you are ready, we will help get the mortgage signed, sealed and delivered. We handle everything from application to completion.

Why You Should Be Talking To Us

We don’t bite – we live and breathe buy to let mortgages, so we know our HMOs from our ASTs. It is a fact that lenders are being more selective about who they lend to and the list of requirements with a buy to let mortgage isn’t shrinking, so it’s important you set off in the right direction.

If you’re a portfolio landlord, require a limited company deal or a HMO mortgage, that’s our bread and butter, niche is our norm.  It’s what we know and who we know which is key.It’s a bold claim but we deliver the right deals for our clients time after time and at the best possible pricing available, building trust along the way.

We don’t pigeon hole you, one size does not fit all where buy to let is concerned, so we use all the lenders out there (over 50 last year) and a wide range of products and schemes.  Our approach is to build up a profile of you and what you want from your funding and deliver the best deals back to you by selecting from the vast amount of options to choose from.

Why Choose The Buy to Let Broker

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