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7 Easy Steps to Buy to Let Funding*

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So let’s assume for a moment you'd like to start enjoying the advantages The Buy to Let Broker can bring........what happens next?

Easygoing Chat 

The first step would be to have a chat over the phone.  Call us free on 0800 949 9410

We'll simply be looking to find out what you want in terms of funding, your basic goals and anything extra you might want from us.  We'll also talk about the structure of the deal you're aiming at and of course answer any questions you may have.  

It’s not a case of War and Peace – but we do need some standard information here and it is very important.  Our profile of you means the work we do going forward is built on good solid foundations (no pun intended) and any quotes we give you are within criteria and should you proceed, will ultimately provide the funding for you.  

You can ask us anything you like and it gives us an early chance to impress you. 

Your Research 

Once we have an accurate picture of what you need together with your profile, we now know with confidence which lenders we can approach given the specifics of your deal. 

We now 'crunch the numbers' for you based on deals that fit you, the investment property, and your preferences so we'll then make competitive recommendations to you based on the whole of the market including niche and exclusive deals.  

The importance of the initial chat is that your quote is designed to ‘fit’ your circumstances and the property you are purchasing, taking in to account what you want the finance to do. 

You will incur no costs whatsoever for our research and early advice. 

Your Free Quotes 

Your own buy to let quotes will be sent to your inbox or posted if you prefer within 24 hours unless its complex in some way. 

Everything is done the way you want it, not to suit us! 

Included in your full written illustration is every detail of the mortgage scheme including any fees (there is no such thing as small print at The Buy to Let Broker).  There will be no surprises later down track. 

We are also happy to tell you what supporting information the lender will require in general. 

Your Feedback 

We would then talk to you specifically about the mortgage schemes we’ve quoted for you, and discuss any questions or issues you may have.  You can come back to us as many times as you like with any questions. 

We don't apply 'sales pressure'. 

We will re-quote a small ratio of clients if their needs have changed based on this initial quote, but we tend to be pretty close first time round however, for peace of mind you can take as many more quotes as you wish at no cost of course. 

Decision in Principle 

If & when you are 100% happy and ready to proceed with your quote (at your pace - not ours) the next step is to make sure the lender can accept you, this requires both a 'credit search' and a 'credit score' in most cases.  

But because we’ve done the due diligence, this mitigates the chance of a decline.  

We do not credit search you willy nilly!  Only at the point you’re ready to move forward and are fully happy with your chosen deal. 

We will take documentary proofs from you prior to running the decision.  

Assuming we get a positive decision, you then have your 'agreement in principle'.  The decision can then be sent to an estate agent, for example, to help secure you the property you may be purchasing....


The next step is to submit the full case to the lender together with your valuation fee (if there is one) and your supporting documents.  

We don't expect you to do anything here and we'll take care of everything that's needed, including liaising with estate agents, solicitors and vendors infact whatever it takes to get the job done.  It goes without saying that we keep you in the picture throughout, just let us know if you need anything else doing. 

We'll do whatever is needed to ensure we get the desired outcome for you - the mortgage offer. 

And it doesn't stop there, we won't rest until your mortgage has completed and we're still around to help even after completion. 

Risk Free Guarantee 

Any fee we charge is paid on results so don't be reticent to use our expertise initially.  We give you a cast iron guarantee - we won't charge you a penny until you see those results.  Our results based standard fee is just £450, chargeable only upon receipt of your mortgage offer, or you can opt to pay £550 and pay on completion - but for larger deals we are unlikely to charge a fee unless its a complex deal.  All our initial quotes will quote a fee before any work begins.

Building and Contents Insurance

Cheap insurance policies will likely only cover the basics and potentially leave holes in your policy, which could result in costs you haven't accounted for. We'll work with you to establish your exact needs to make sure you're properly covered. Towards the end of the mortgage process, we'll provide you with some free building and contents insurance quotes. Why would we do this? Well, we want to make sure your investment is fully covered. In today's market, it's easy to get cheap insurance cover, however it's often cheap for a reason. We'll find you a high quality policy that fully covers you no matter your situation.  View more information on our Building and Contents insurance here.

So get in touch for the easygoing chat, you've nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain! 


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