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Semi-Commercial Buy to Let Mortgages

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Make getting a competitive mortgage for a mixed-use property easy with in-depth market knowledge & industry insights. 

With the market changing on a daily basis, never has it been more important to find the right deal for your property. But what do you do when it comes to a mixed-use or semi-commercial property that has complex requirements…speak to a semi-commercial mortgage specialist who knows the market, of course.

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Specialist Mixed-Use Know-How & Expertise

We’re semi-commercial experts, here to help you find the finance you need. From a quick chat with one of the team, you can easily compare UK lenders, check your eligibility and find out if you can save on your next mortgage.

Get LTVs up to 75%
No minimum income options
Flexible terms available

Easily Compare The Latest Semi-Commercial Rates

With flexible terms available and a huge range of options, not only can you compare the latest deals and a wide range of lenders, but you can get access to our exclusive and semi-exclusive deals, not always available direct.

Owner-occupier considered
Mortgage options based off rental income
Maximise you complex portfolio structure

Get A Fast Free Quote & Discover Your Options

With us, you’ll get a free no-obligation quote packed with our expert guidance and a full breakdown of potential costs and savings.

Get a dedicated mortgage specialist
We'll handle all of the boring paperwork
Capital Raising options available

Is A Semi-Commerical Mortgage Right For You?

Sound familiar?  You already have several buy-to-lets and have just spotted a potential semi-commercial property that could be a lucrative investment. Or you may have spotted another great semi-commercial investment but believe you have maxed out your funding options.

Where do you start? What lenders will consider you and could you benefit from getting a semi-commercial mortgage instead of buy-to-let finance?

We all know that diversification is king when it comes to property investing. We also know that having so many different mortgage options and rates available, it can be time-consuming and daunting to find suitable finance for your property. But it doesn’t have to be.

We help professional landlords across the UK to grow their blended portfolios, ensuring they get every bit of our insider know-how to get the right product, especially when it comes to the more complex side of the market, such as semi-commercial mortgages.

OK, first let’s consider the type of property you are looking at. If your property comprises both residential investment property and commercial elements on the same title, yep semi-commercial finance could be for you. This could be: 

→ A commercial unit with a flat above.

→ A bank with a residential unit.

→ A block of flats with retail units on the ground floor.

There are many more scenarios that you could be looking at. That’s why we believe a one-click mortgage calculator just doesn’t cut the mustard when it comes to finding a competitive deal for your mixed-use property and why we take the time to ask the right questions to quickly match your property to solutions for your unique needs.

From working closely with over 60 lenders in the market last year, we know that it is important to understand what the commercial property comprises of, the strength of the tenant, the length of the lease and if there is a break clause in addition to the tenancy for the residential unit. We’ll ask a few questions like this and then get straight to it in finding a suitable deal for you.

In a few minutes from chatting with one of our specialists, you can discover mortgage options for your next investment and know exactly what deals might be available to expand your portfolio further.

We haven’t even got to the good bit… we’ll get into reasons why a semi-commercial mortgage could be beneficial shortly…

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Get Industry Insights on Semi-Commercial Mortgages

Here are just some of the benefits to considering a semi-commercial mortgage for your next investment:

Typically lenders are offer more competitive rates for semi-commercial mortgages, compared to commercial mortgages.
In some cases, the semi-commercials could be exempt from the 3% stamp duty surcharge.
Available for a range of company structures including individuals, partnerships, LLPs and Limited Companies.
You may be able to get loan-to-values (LTVs) up to 70% (or 75% in certain circumstances).
Semi-commercial properties tend to be higher yield investments.
No maximum loan sizes.
Mortgage options for non-homeowners. Plus, schemes for first-time landlords available.
Lower potential void periods due to risk being split around multiple tenants.
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Easily Compare Lenders & The Latest Semi-Commercial Deals

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But, how will a lender decide your eligibility? 

When considering your property, lenders will typically look at factors such as the floor space of the property, as well as the rental split, commercial exposure, the amount of deposit you are able to provide, your credit score plus how much you are looking to borrow. Like with all property finance, lender criteria can vary wildly, so we get that it can feel like a maze.

This is why we take the time to fully understand your situation, so we pinpoint suitable solutions quickly and then present the best case and comprehensive notes with every single case to maximise your approval potential. This reduces any unnecessary delays and nasty headaches further down the application process.

We work closely with a range of both high street banks and specialist semi-commercial lenders including Aldermore, Interbay, Shawbrook Bank, Barclays Commercial and Investec.

Reasons To Consider A Mortgage Broker

If you still need some convincing, here are even more reasons why you should consider using a semi-commercial specialist (like us) for your next investment.

From a one quick phone call to us:

You’ll get mortgage expertise with the human touch.

You’ll always get the real cost of a deal including payments and fees over a specific period, not just the initial rate.

We work with a wide range of buy-to-let lenders and worked with over 60 lenders last year.

As experts in the mortgage sector, we can handle complex financial needs

Quick, easy, hassle-free lending as we do all of the admin

We’re highly recommended – so far we’ve received over 900 5* reviews on feefo.com

With us, your credit score won’t be impacted by our initial checks.

Through us, you may be able to access semi & exclusive schemes which aren’t available to you direct.

100% free no-obligation mortgage quotes filled with expert guidance.

You can get access to lender credit committees for larger deal sign-off exceptions.

Secure larger loans – we have an array of affordability and top-slicing based loans to push lending limits.

Free consultation with household name accountants and tax advisers.

Speak To Specialist To See If You Can Save

Discover Why We’re Rated 5/5 by Landlords

No matter what your particular property is, we can help make finding your next mortgage quicker and easier. To get started, get in touch today. You can also chat with a specialist on 08009499410 to get a fast free quote now.

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The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate commercial lending or finance.

Just like your home, your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up payments on your mortgage.

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