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BTL Mortgage Product Transfer – Rates Switch

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Switch Your Mortgage Rate

Quick & Easy Savings – Rates from 1.19%

Getting closer to the end of your current mortgage deal? Need something in place quickly to keep your payments as low as possible? We can help, now.

Super Fast Turnaround With Same Day Decisions
No Legals Needed
No Physical Valuation Needed
The Buy to Let Broker Rated Excellent

Reasons To Consider A Rate Switch


Save money without the hassle of a whole new mortgage. You may be eligible to switch to a better rate if you are within the last 90 days of your current mortgage.


No switching fees - with a mortgage transfer there are no legal fees and no valuation fees, meaning more cash in your pocket.


Speed - we can get the whole thing done and dusted much faster than a traditional mortgage.


We will do all of the paperwork and admin so you don't have to. Job done. Hassle-free as it should be.

How To Switch Your Mortgage Rate

These days everything is about speed, so we’ll get to the point. If you would like to be on a better mortgage rate for your Buy to Let, HMO or Limited Company mortgage, we can help. To get started all you have to do is get in touch with one of our mortgage specialists and we will take it from there.

Talk To Us
It all starts with a quick chat with one of our super trained and super friendly mortgage specialists. It only takes a few minutes and allows us to fully understand all of your unique needs.
The Expert Part
From here, we will compare every mortgage deal out there so you can be confident that you are getting the very best one. We will speak to the lenders directly on your behalf and fight your corner so you save more.
Over To You
With a Rates Switch, we can get you a near-instant decision and you should receive your unique free no-obligation quote within hours.
Done & Dusted
Once you are fully happy with your quote, we will do the rest and get your mortgage transferred to the new rate. All you have to do is enjoy all of the time and money you have saved.
The Buy to Let Broker Mortgage Specialists

In A Hurry? Talk To An Expert Now

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Strengthen Your Portfolio With Expert Advice

Did you know there are over 5,000 Buy to Let mortgages currently available? For you that could mean hours of trawling the net to find the best deal.

Or, it could mean just a quick phone call, and we’ll do all of that for you. Our specialists are primed and ready to go beyond the call of duty to get you the best mortgage for your needs and portfolio ambitions. Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider a Rates Switch with us today:

The Buy to Let Broker Happy Landlord
We have gathered the brightest minds and biggest hearts in the industry so you get extraordinary advice everytime.
From just one call, you will get access to every lender currently on the market. Avoid all of the calling and fuss, let us do that for you. We aim to make the process as hassle-free as possible.
Now and forever we work for you, not the banks. This means that we fight your corner to get you the very best deal there is, every time with no exceptions.
For 100% transparency AND peace of mind, we offer a no mortgage, no fee guarantee, so there is no risk at all for you.

You Are One Call Away From A Better Rate

Don’t let getting a better mortgage be more complicated than it needs to be, let us find the best deal for you. To get started now, simply fill in your details below or call us now on 08009499410

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