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Property Portfolio Incorporation

Incorporating Your Portfolio

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Why You Should Consider Incorporating Your Buy to Let Portfolio

If you are looking for ways to streamline your portfolio costs and make best use of your investment for tax purposes, moving your personally owned Buy to Let property to a limited company (SPV) structure could do that just that. But it is a job requiring very careful planning, both from a tax advice and mortgage perspective, especially for larger portfolios. That’s where we can help.

Due to penal Section 24 tax relief restrictions, it really is vital that you get expert advice when it comes to incorporating your property portfolio. Our due diligence and specialist knowledge could save you not only a lot of stress, time and energy but thousands of hard-earned pounds.

Our specialist advisors fully understand the magnitude of what it takes to move your properties from a personal name into a limited company structure, so with us, you’ll get a dedicated mortgage broker and case manager to help you every step along the way. 

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Why Our Mortgage Advice Can’t Be Beaten

There are so many benefits to using a specialist mortgage broker like us, and here are just some of the reasons to pick up the phone today:

  • You’ll get a 100% free quote with all of our expert recommendations and no-obligation – after a quick call with one of our portfolio specialists, you’ll receive your free quote with all of our expert advice. This means you can find out the best deals for your portfolio with zero risks or pressure.
  • You’ll get the very best advice for you Your needs are unique so with us, you’ll get real human advice on the best ways to structure your portfolio to minimise costs and achieve your long term goals. There is no automated responses, just a healthy dose of common sense and expertise.
  • You’ll benefit from our decades of experience – our specialist advisors know the market inside and out and can help you navigate lender criteria for the most cost-effective solution. For example, we may be able to move your overall finance amount over to smaller numbers of property, loan to value permitting.  This would reduce valuation, arrangement and legal fees.
  • You’ll get access to the real decision-makers – to make sure that your application completes without any unnecessary delays, we’ll liaise directly with the underwriters, senior managers and decision-makers at your potential lender.
  • No nasty surprises – you’ll get advice based on long term suitability and we’ll take the time to check for any current early repayment penalties that you may have on your existing personal borrowing.
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  • You’ll get the true cost of your investment – you’ll never get blindsided with an attractive initial rate with us. We’ll factor in your payments, arrangement fees, valuation costs, legal fees including lender legals into our cost comparisons for you.  This means you can be 100% confident you are coming away with the best possible deal.
  • You can compare every deal in just one phone call – we’re here to make your landlord life as hassle-free as possible, so we’ll compare over 5,000 deals from over 50 lenders for you.
  • No boring admin or paperwork – your dedicated broker and case manager will handle all of the admin, so you have one less thing to worry about. They’ll help every step of the way until the portfolio has completed and the purchase into Ltd Company name is complete and you can start enjoying the benefits that an SPV owned portfolio brings.
  • Impartial advice – you’ll always get the best advice for your portfolio as we work for you and not the banks or lenders. As FCA authorised advisors, you can be sure you are getting the right deal at the right time.
  • You’ll never pay for unnecessary feeswe’ll check your full lending eligibility with the lender before you spend a penny on valuation fees or other costs.  This way, you’ll never pay for charges that you later find are not needed.

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We’d strongly recommend that you take professional property tax advice prior to entering into any buy to let ventures.