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Limited Company Buy to Let Mortgages

Tax Efficient Buy to Let Limited Company Mortgages - Rates from 2.72%, or 2.99% with Free Valuation and Fixed Fee's

Type Pay Rate Until Arrangement
LTV % Final Rate
Libor Tracker 2.72% 2 years 2% of the loan size 75 5.48%
Fixed 2.99% 2 years £1995, Free valuation 75 4.99%
Fixed 3.49% 2 years £0, Free valuation 75 4.99%

At The Buy to Let Broker, we've been transacting more limited company purchases than personal buy to let mortgages for well over a year now. That's a real indicator of the market right now, but we'd still urge you to take tax advice for your own circumstances to get specialist advice tailored to yourself.

In this harsh tax environment for personally geared landlords, Limited Company Mortgages have become the norm, yes there is a differential to pay over standard personal buy to let deals, but often when the tax costs are factored in, the advantages can be clear when it comes to overall profitability within your portfolio.

"Pressure Free Advice"

Lenders are universally happy where you have an 'SPV' company or Special Purpose Vehicle, underwriting of the directors and main shareholders is almost identical to a standard mortgage, so it's not unfamiliar to most.  An SPV is a company in this case specifically set up to let property and it's very important to note that your company does not need a track record or any trading history at all.  We'll very often finance property in brand new companies. 

"We are one of a handful of direct Paragon Premier Partners, offering very competitive semi-exclusive deals"    

Should a corporate structure be the right route for you ultimately, then we're here when you need us.  Our experienced team deal with a wealth of lenders; heavyweights like Paragon or Kent Reliance, right through to niche lenders such as Vida, N&P or Interbay for example.     

We have 990 products on offer right now and since we have no specific allegiances to lenders, our priority is getting you the right mortgage through the best advice.  We're whole of market brokers so we'll guide you not only through the most cost effective mortgages, but we'll let you know the lenders service levels right now and also how simple their legal process is.

We can finance property held in trading businesses, holding companies, as well as SPV's, all with varying ownership structures including UK companies owned offshore.  

So please get in touch for your no nonsense advice and comprehensive quotes, anytime. 

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