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HMO Mortgages

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Licensed HMO Mortgages

Lending on HMO property needs to fit lenders terms and conditions for your own peace of mind as an investor, the last thing you want is a HMO property where the mortgage you have doesn't allow multiple tenants, luckily for you, we deal with all types of HMO mortgages every day - it forms an integral part of our business in serving our landlords.

"We are Paragon Premier Partners, offering you the best that the biggest HMO lender can offer"  

Although the vast majority of standard buy to let lenders do not lend in this space, there are some superb deals available for you; smaller HMO's can fit on standard buy to let rates, for larger HMO's finance does tend to be more expensive, however experienced landlords tend to appreciate that the yields generated often more than outweigh the rate differential, experienced broker input really is the solution.  But you do not have to take commercial finance and pay commercial rates unless it suits you. Depending on what you want, there are usually some better options before we get to the commercial offerings.  


Licensed HMO Mortgage Picks of the Week - Rates from 1.49%


Type Pay Rate Until Arrangement
Fixed 1.54% 31/07/2020 £1,999 5.99% 60
Fixed 2.25% 31/07/2023 £1,999 5.99% 60
Fixed 2.60% 30/06/2023 £1,995 4.48% 75

**Rates dependent upon HMO size and experience, first time landlords welcome.

Lenders tend to require landlord experience, but if you don't have any - it's not a deal breaker, there are some very competitive options for you first time landlords.    

Lenders such as Kent Reliance, Shawbrook, Paragon, Leeds, TMW, and even BM Solutions in some scenarios as well as some high street commercial lenders can all help with licenced HMO’s. But numbers of bedrooms and your experience level as an investor will dictate who's interested and who isn't.           

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