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“Can I borrow for a buy to let if I am a first time buyer?” 

It's a big question, we know, but the short answer is yes, it’s certainly do-able. 

Just to clarify, we're saying here that you own no UK property and never have... 

If you’ve called your own bank however, the chances are they can’t help you.  But, there are some great deals out there for first time buyer buy to lets*.  It’s a case of finding the right one for you, we certainly appreciate what’s feasible in your financial world. 

"Banks will want to make sure you fit their residential affordability too, despite being a buy to let"

As with all mortgages you do need to fit certain criteria.  It not a really exciting topic by any means but it’s one we have to know inside out.  Lenders just want to make sure that the property is a genuine investment purchase and it’s plausible, which we think is fair enough. 

"Rates from 1.82%"

Buy to Let mortgage lenders that can help will nowadays want to ensure that any buy to let mortgage for a first time buyer fits a residential affordability calculator.  They're trying to weedle out those that may be trying to work the system to their advantage.   

The lenders we have are offering some very competitive schemes right now so our help is really valuable to you and we can put you on the right path very quickly, which is our job after all. 

As you know there are lots of reasons why you would like to get a foot on the ladder and rent a property for profit and we’ve helped lots of first time buyer investors in the past achieve just that.  It’s also helpful to have a broker guide you through the process as having never bought a property before, there are certain things we can help with and assist you with along the way.  As you might expect from a seasoned outfit helping you is what we're all about. 

What you need to know is that you will need at least a £25,000 personal income and you’ll need a great credit score, with those two things it’s certainly worth calling us to find out what we can do.


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