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For the more seasoned investor and those of us who have been round the block a few more times than others, it can be difficult to find what you want from the vanilla ‘buy to let’ marketplace.   

If there are too many hurdles to overcome then standard options may be thin on the ground for you or your company. 

The good news is that there are a growing number of specialist lenders who sit in the gap between standard buy to let on the one side and commercial high street mortgages on the other.  These ‘complex’ buy to let lenders are intermediary only lenders and can often be the answer for you where other lenders have failed.  You won’t always find them in the ‘best buy tables’. 

So why should I consider complex buy to let*? 

Well, you don’t have to really, it’s up to us to understand what we can get from these lenders that we can’t get elsewhere to ultimately help you. 

It’s true that going this route is not as straightforward as ‘off the peg’ buy to let deals, but there are usually good reasons for you as an experienced property investor, to move across to these lenders.  Here are a few examples... 

  • The property you are buying could be non-standard for example a freehold block of flats, a multi let or a licensed HMO.  (House of Multiple Occupation).
  • You may well be a professional investor, with plenty of property in the background, who has hit exposure limits with one or more lenders in the buy to let marketplace.
  • You might be looking to remortgage a decent size portfolio of residential buy to let properties under one roof.
  • You might need to put funding in place more quickly than you can using commercial high street lenders.
  • Or maybe you wish to remortgage a residential property within 6 months of purchase using open market value.  It might even currently be on bridging finance.
  • Your property might be commercial investment use, for example an office block or be in close proximity to commercial property which buy to let lenders don’t approve of.
  • You may be purchasing property to hold in a Ltd company or SPV (special purpose vehicle) which would restrict options greatly in the standard buy to let space.
  • Or the property might simply be your trading business premises. 

Commercial mortgages tend to require more work than a standard buy to let mortgage and do typically take more time to put together, but sometimes they are more flexible and with certain types of deals, they may be the only possible way forward.   

 "You can often get a more common sense approach" 

These mortgage deals require more input from all sides.  It’s therefore down to us to sound out our lending sources to see who has the best appetite for the type of deal we are proposing for you, and of course who we can use to secure the most competitive mortgage deals.  

Lending decisions are typically based  your personal circumstances.  We do need a higher level of personal documentation – for example; personal & business bank statements, trading accounts, income and expenditure as well as asset and liability statements, and any leases or tenancy agreements.   

Human underwriting does takes longer, but on the flip side - you can often get a more common sense approach, and we get the chance to present a solid business case to lend.

Here is a broad outline of general terms: 

 Up to 85% loan to value, and with additional security up to 100% is achievable. 

  • Terms from 3 years upwards.
  • Loans start from £25,001.
  • Repayment and Interest Only options available depending on the lender.
  • Rates are usually a certain margin over BBR (Bank Base Rate) or LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate), or can be fixed and will ultimately depend on the strength of your case. 

To be fair, it’s far more practical to contact us and discuss the merits of your case, and get some specifics on what we can and can’t do for you. 

We work in a similar manner across the board, so you can contact us and take as much free advice as you like, we start by building a profile of you, the property you are buying and your preferences and goals, and present the options back to you before you commit in any way. 

 It’s risk free from your point of view, and any fees are not chargeable until you see results.   


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