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Competitive Commercial Deals from Intermediary Only Lenders and the High Street 

The Buy to Let Broker has a range of commercial mortgages* at our disposal covering most sensible propositions. 

We're talking about commercial investor mortgages for residential investment property. 

We only tend to turn to commercial lenders in certain scenarios, for example limited company borrowing, blocks of flats, HMOs (House's of Multiple Occupation) or you may be a professional landlord with ten's of background properties.  There are a number of reasons why it’s advantageous or your proposed deal dictates this is the only viable solution. 

"No two commercial deals are the same, deals are not always 'off the peg', but also bespoke." 

Where intermediary lenders are the best route, it's easier for us to quote you quickly.  For example you might require an interest only quote for a 10 bed HMO property in a Limited Company Name.  Or you might just be looking for a commercial valuation figure for a HMO based on a multiple of rental value. 

When using high street lenders we do have to work slightly differently to our other financial products.  It’s not always possible to quote you precisely on an upfront basis, as we might do when financing a terraced house in personal names for example. 

Here we would make a start by taking a whole range of information from you; accounts, bank statements, income and expenditure, asset and liability statements, before approach a number of lenders on your behalf and presenting as solid a business case for them to lend as we can.  But we don’t use a 'scattergun' approach. 

At this stage, high street lenders will give us a likely estimate of rates and fees but the actual deal you will get will depend on the overall strength of your case.  Once our whittled down choice of lenders have sight of all your supporting information, we are in a position to advise you of the specifics of the proposed mortgage deal. 

Human underwriting has the advantage of a more common sense approach, and we get the chance to present a solid business case by putting forward your case in the best possible light.  This ensures we secure you, or your company, the keenest solutions out there. 

We still don’t expect you to pay any upfront fees whatsoever at quote stage, but it does take us a touch longer to come up with the the figures, purely based on how commercial lenders work. It helps if we manage your expectations from day one. 

"There is less of a tickbox culture and more human underwriting" 

All options are presented back to you before you commit in any way, together with a recommendation of which direction we would suggest you follow.  It’s risk free from your point of view and there are no fees whatsoever until you see the results. 

You’ll deal with one broker throughout, which will give you the continuity you need and ensure nothing gets disjointed along the way.  Don’t forget, we work for you and not the banks and so our priority is what you want from your funding. 

We don’t have lots of company policy or 'red tape' to get in your way and we’re confident that you’ll like our straightforward approach. 

The best way to make a start is to request a call back - we can chat to you about your situation and we’ll find out quickly what can be done and how best to structure any proposal.  It's risk free from your perspective, as you’ll find out what we are aiming for before you commit in any way.  Pretty simple really. 


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