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Every penny counts in property investment, so you should be chatting to a buy to let mortgage* broker who has all the right mortgage deals at their fingertips.  Right?   

Well yes of course, but it's no longer just about finding the cheapest rate or lowest cost deal, it's about specialist advice; looking at all the available options and structures in tandem with quality advice. The buy to let market has been hit with more regulative and political changes in the last two years than ever before. 

The tax changes mean accountancy advice is now essential, stress test changes are limiting your power to borrow, stamp duty hikes mean another cost to factor in, and with tougher underwriting to come later this year, the game has changed significantly.  But that isn't to say we can't help, it just takes a little more work and a lot more knowledge and insight. 

It's our job to highlight avenues for you, give you all the options, explain the issues faced by landlords in 2017 and to deliver the solution to you despite the upheaval in the market. 

It's the experience that we have which means we know exactly where to go to find you the best deal, at the right price.   

We don't try to put square pegs in round holes, but if we can get a policy exception, it's agreed upfront.  So you can see our value lies in knowing how to use the buy to let deals at our fingertips to benefit you.  That’s what sets a great mortgage broker apart.  It’s making the process easy, knowing which lenders do what and how.  And making sure the lender and scheme we choose can ultimately deliver the best funding for you – by ticking all of the right boxes in line with specific tax advice.    

We'll crunch the numbers carefully for you and recommend deals purely on their competitiveness and suitability.    

So with us, we don’t just quote you a general idea, you get the specifics in complete transparency, 8 pages of detail for each comprehensive quote.  It'll help you get down to the nitty gritty easily.    

Please pick up your phone and call us, you have nothing to lose and a great deal to gain by doing so!    

We'll chat to you, talk you through the best deals and email them out to later that day.  All our initial advice and quotes are free.    

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