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Limited Company Buy to Let Mortgages

Limited Company Buy to Let Mortgages

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The Buy to Let Broker Limited Company SPV Mortgages

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Looking to create longevity in your portfolio?  Many landlords have understandably turned to Limited Company mortgages to avoid the harsh tax environment for personal borrowings. The good news is SPV Mortgages are the norm at The Buy to Let Broker.

Why You Should Consider A Limited Company SPV?

  • For your tax efficiency.
  • Succession advantages & flexibility.
  • Retain your profit to expand your portfolio.
  • Include family members in your property business.
  • More lenient rental coverage – borrow more, put down less deposit.
  • Directors and Inter-Company Loans can be utilised as deposit funds.
  • Joint-Ventures.
  • Underwriting is no different to borrowing personally in real terms.
  • *Property Tax Advice Essential.

We Know Limited Company BTL Inside Out.

  • We are human experts backed by tech, so you get the best of both.
  • We’ve unparalleled knowledge in the specialist market.
  • We have unlimited access to SPV lenders.
  • Advice based on true total cost including rate and all fees.
  • Intricate knowledge of ‘portfolio landlord’ criteria.
  • You get access to exclusive & semi-exclusive schemes.
  • Experience – it’s what we know and who we know.
  • Access to decision makers – underwriters, credit managers & senior personnel.
  • No credit checks to get qualified quotes to your inbox.
  • Borrow more.  Utilise your own personal income to push loan amount limits.
  • Access to big 4 accountant and specialist conveyancing.
  • Zero sales pressure, digest your quotes in your own time.

This Week’s Best Limited Company Mortgages

TypePay RateUntilArrangement
LTV %Final RateHow much can I borrow?
Fixed2.44%2 years2% of loan655.28%175 x monthly rent
Discount2.95%5 years2% of loan755.60%175 x monthly rent
Fixed3.19%5 years2% of loan655.28%300 x monthly rent

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SPV Mortgages – the detail

George Osbornes tough tax changes (Section 24) are embedded into the market right now and will be in full force come April 2020. Landlords like yourself, can now only claim tax relief for interest on buy to let mortgages incurred at the lowest rate of tax, ie 20%.  Clearly not good news for higher and additional rate taxpayers.

Dubbed a tax on turnover, these harsh, retrospective rules essentially mean that you will be charged tax on an element of your profit if your gross property turnover plus other personal income exceeds £50,001. This is pushing property tax rates to eye-watering levels in some cases  and goes against the grain of time-served accounting practices.

Small wonder then, that since 2017 we’ve helped countless landlords to purchase property in a corporate structure (following specific professional tax advice). Section 24 has been a huge game-changer, but landlords have proved their ability to move with the changing tides.

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Case Study: Here’s How We Saved Our Client Over £60k

Limited Company Mortgages Section 162 incorporation

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We’d strongly recommend that you take professional property tax advice prior to entering into any buy to let ventures.