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HMO Mortgages

HMO Mortgages

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HMO Mortgage Rates from 2.13%*

As an HMO landlord, you are probably looking for ways to boost your profits, save money, expand your property portfolio and maximise your investment, all of this is exactly what our team of mortgage specialists are here to help with.

If you would like to know more about the latest rates and how we can help you, read on…

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Article 4 HMOs
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Get Advice From The HMO Experts

Let’s make a snap statement at this early stage; Looking for HMO finance in the past has not been as straightforward as you’d like.  New clients tell us this at every opportunity; time wasted struggling to get what they need from the market, despite being high-quality clients looking to finance high-quality HMO property. 

We’re sure we can turn your current experience on its head.  Yes, there are a vast array of hurdles to navigate, from both a lender criteria perspective and a legal perspective, but the expert team here at The Buy to Let Broker not only understand the market intimately but have open access to every facet of the HMO mortgage market – and we live for a challenge.

We’re true HMO specialists in every sense, and we’re decent people to deal with!  Even if we do say so ourselves.

Exclusive and Semi-Exclusive rates are readily available through our many specialist lender contacts.  Using our know-how, experience and our own dedicated underwriters at these lenders gets you within touching distance of every crease of lender criteria.

Smaller HMOs can be driven to traditional vanilla lenders at very low funding cost through us, however, if you leap to larger suis-generis HMOs and/or Ltd company funding, then finance costs whilst competitive, will increase because we’re heading to niche lenders.  Of course, this may open up a commercial valuation option with certain lenders.

HMO lending is often misunderstood from a legal standpoint whether it be mandatory licencing, article 4 provisions or certificates of lawful use.  With ourselves, you’ll find we quickly get to the nub of any hurdles and do our best to navigate them with aplomb, usually ironing out any possible issues at the inception of the case, all whilst experiencing our award-winning 5* service.

In pure finance terms – if you’re not getting enough from your existing lending route, either in terms of rates, know-how or service, it’s quite simple – speak to us, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Either enquire online and we’ll call you back, or if you have an impatient streak on this subject, call us for instant expertise!  We’d love to help.

This Week’s HMO Mortgage Highlights

TypePay RateUntilArrangement
LTV %Final rate (SVR)Maximum bedrooms?APRC %
Fixed2.13%2 years£1995605.34%54.80%
Fixed2.31%5 years£1995605.34%53.7%
Fixed2.36%5 years £1295605.49%42.5%

(Rates correct as of 06/05/22. Rates can vary and T&Cs may apply. Speak to a broker today to confirm eligibility and availability.)

Get The Inside Track On HMO Mortgages

Here are some of the benefits of choosing an HMO Mortgage through us:

  • We understand mandatory licencing, selective licencing, article 4.
  • Larger Suis-Generis properties a speciality.
  • We can assist you with properties for students, professionals, Corporate lets and more. 
  • Individual or shared tenancies are workable.
  • Guaranteed rental schemes allowable.
  • Schemes for first-time landlords available.
  • You can finance properties at HMO licence application stage.
  • You can combat tax changes with higher-yielding property.
  • You can split your void risk by letting by room.
  • You can secure Interest Only and flexible term lending.
  • HMO property types include a block of flats, bedsits, Privately operated halls of residence, shared self-contained flats, cluster flats, lodgings and hostels. 

With any property, we strongly recommend that you seek professional tax advice as well. 

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How Mortgages work call

Why You Should Call Us Today

When dealing with a house of multiple occupancy there are many factors to consider but by using a specialist mortgage broker like us, you can save a lot of time, money and stress.

With one quick phone call to us:

  • You’ll get a 100% free quote that has all of our expert advice and recommendations. There’s also zero obligation.
  • You’ll get human expertise backed by the latest tech. Not just an automated response.
  • You’ll get a whole of market comparison – we work with over 50+ lenders on the market.
  • You’ll get all of our specialist knowledge of the HMO market – including licensed and Unlicensed HMO.
  • You’ll get mortgage advice based on the true total cost, including the rate and all fees.
  • You’ll get access to exclusive & semi-exclusive schemes, not available to you direct.
  • You’ll get access to the real decision-makers – including underwriters, credit managers & senior personnel.
  • Your credit score is safe – there are no credit checks to get your free quote.
  • You may be able to borrow more.  We can give you access to a number of schemes that go past the normal limits.
  • You’ll get access to the four major accountants and specialist conveyancing.
  • You’ll get zero pressure from us. We’re here when you need us.
‘Exceptional service, best I’ve ever had!’
Quite an exceptional service, indeed probably the best service I’ve ever had from any organisation, including Apple! No property investor at any level should be without the support and expertise of The Buy to Let Broker. ~ Trusted Client
‘Client’s needs are always their priority.’
I have dealt with The Buy To Let Broker for about 6 years and they have completed over thirty mortgages in that time. I am currently completing two mortgages and even through the difficulties presented by the Coronavirus lockdown they have remained extremely efficient and kept the pressure on both the Lender and my solicitor ~ Trusted Client
‘The best of the best‘
Outstanding service. The best in the industry in my opinion. Market beating deals are made available through them, you would almost not believe it. I have now worked with them for many years including for both buy to let and residential owner-occupied financing. I would be lost today without this team. ~ Omair, London

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We’d strongly recommend that you take professional property tax advice prior to entering into any buy to let ventures.

Rate correct as of 06/05/22 – please be aware rates can vary and terms and conditions can apply. This particular rate is based on a loan of £500,000 at 60% LTV and is a 2-Year Fixed Interest Only. APRC 4.8%.