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Heavy Refurbishment Finance

Heavy Refurbishment Finance

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Finance For Heavy Refurbishment Investments

Suitable for more experienced property developers, heavy refurbishments are ideal for more involved renovations such as structural changes to a property. The definitions vary between lenders, but generally anything requiring a building permit is considered a heavy refurbishment. If your renovation does not require a permit, see light refurbishments.

When To Use Heavy Refurbishment Loans

Heavy Refurbishment loans are perfect for situations where you need funding fast for your development. They aren’t intended as a long term solution and are more suited to bridging the gap between the necessary works and you obtaining more long term financing (e.g. if you intend to rent out the property), or selling the property on.

Arrangements can be made so that funds are released incrementally as your build progresses, or all at once. Staged payments are the more popular option, as interest tends to only be paid on the amount of money currently lent out.

Refurbishment Fees

Fees will vary from product to product, but typically, the following costs will be incurred:

  • Arrangement Fee – The initial cost to cover the administration of the loan. Typically they’ll be around 1-2% of the loan value.
  • Valuation Fees – A surveyor will be instructed to visit and value the property. Typical costs would be around 0.25% of the loans value.
  • Exit Fees – Certain loans will carry an exit fee, which are usually a percentage of the overall loan value.

Our advisers will walk you through the necessary details we need to fully understand your project. Once we know what you have and what you intend to do, we can provide you with quotes on the most suitable loans.

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