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First Time Landlord

Rates from 1.40%

Property is a unique investment class.  It’s tangible which it where it sets itself apart from many other types of investments.  Indeed you can leverage your own deposit funds and buy an asset using other peoples money and this is therefore very appealing to many.  Over 1 in 5 properties are in the Private Rental Sector (PRS) and so buy to let can be a great long term investment.  But, there is no substitute for due diligence, make sure you talk to a number of quality advisers before making the leap.

The Misconception.

A reasonable percentage of prospective clients call us and believe you need experience in buy to let to access many BTL mortgage schemes, yet this just isn’t true.  The reality is that the vast majority of buy to let lenders will happily lend to first time landlords, which of course is great news for those starting out.

Why Use The Buy to Let Broker?

  • We are experienced human Buy to Let experts, there are no automated algorithms.
  • Unparalleled knowledge in the specialist market.
  • Unlimited access to the entire market.
  • Advice based on true total cost including rate and all fees.
  • Access to exclusive & semi-exclusive schemes.
  • Experience – it’s what we know and who we know.
  • We can discuss your case with underwriters, credit managers & senior personnel too.
  • No credit checks needed to get your free bespoke quotes.
  • Access to top accountants and specialist conveyancing.
  • Zero sales pressure, digest your quotes in your own time.

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This Week’s Best Buy to Let Deals

TypePay RateUntilArrangement
LTV %Final RateHow much can I borrow?
Fixed1.42%2 years£1795655.24%Large loans based on personal income
Fixed2.19%5 years£1295755.24%Large loans based on personal income
Fixed3.38%5 years£2995755.5%248 x monthly rental income

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Please have a play around with rates and schemes below, but please do call one of our specialists to check the myriad of criteria to ensure you qualify… we can then email you bespoke quotes today, to digest in your own time.

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Still have burning questions?

We get that Buy to Let Mortgages can be confusing, but have no fear Buy to Let is what we do and what we know. We have plenty of info to help you make the best choice with confidence.

We’d strongly recommend that you take professional property tax advice prior to entering into any buy to let ventures.