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Case Study - Complex Property Portfolio Incorporation

Complex Property Portfolio Incorporation

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November 2017

With extensive knowledge of both property and finance from their backgrounds in accountancy and law, our professional landlord clients had built an impressive portfolio of 36 rental properties with an overall portfolio of over £3.6m. 

Originally purchasing their first buy to let property in cash for just £11,000, the clients had painstakingly worked, alongside their full-time jobs and family commitments, to refurbish the property to an impressively high standard. Thrilled with the success of the investment, the clients were eager to grow their portfolio and were ever on the lookout for potential investment opportunities. 

Being financially savvy, the clients then sought out expert advice by attending courses and initial consultations with accountancy firms until they met their current accountant, who informed them how section 162 incorporation relief could be a more cost-effective solution for their portfolio. 

Now looking to refinance their entire portfolio to take advantage of the section 162 incorporation relief, the clients spoke with various brokers but were instantly impressed with buy to let and residential specialist Angela’s extensive knowledge of complex incorporations. Coupled with our advanced lender access and exclusive rates, the clients decided Angela was the right broker for the project.

Angela Blakesley

Senior Buy to Let & Residential Specialist
Angela Blakesley Mortgage Broker

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The Challenge

With such a large number of properties, the incorporation required the highest level of due diligence and dedication, but with Angela and her dedicated case manager Fran, it was the dream team for the task. 

Always looking for ways to go above and beyond for her clients, Angela wanted to not only secure the best rate but also ensure that the full terms of the restructure would serve them now and as they continued to grow, as Angela knew this was their ultimate goal.

Our Strategy

After her initial call with the clients, Angela embarked on her mission to fully understand the true potential of the clients’ portfolio, collating vast swathes of information and discussing the case with various senior lender contacts. 

After reviewing all of the property information with a fine-tooth comb, Angela identified that 10 of the 21 properties that the client believed needed to be refinanced, could be kept with the existing lender, and only a small fee would be applicable to move the properties into the incorporation. This simple piece of advice was a solution no other broker had identified and saved the clients a substantial sum. 

For the other properties that would need to be refinanced, Angela secured the best rates via three lenders, YBS (known as Norwich & Peterborough at the time), Paragon and Precise Mortgages.

Together Angela and Fran helped the clients with each application and ensured each progressed with minimal delays. With their exceptional drive and effort, the full incorporation was able to take place in just a few short months, having secured some exceptional rates for each property.

The Buy to Let Broker - Complex Property Portfolio Incorporation

The Results

So pleased with the success of the restructure, the clients have now worked exclusively with Angela for several years as they continue to develop and expand their impressive property portfolio, now boasting nearly 50 properties. 

Having experienced the benefits of getting the right tax advice and expert broker knowledge when it comes to incorporating, the clients now actively urge all portfolio landlords to seek professional advice as it can save not just considerable amounts of money, but time and stress as well.

Property Value – £3.5 million
Loan Amount – £2.4 million
LTV – 68.6%

Rate – various
Term – 25 years with a mixture of Tracker & Fixed rates
Mortgage – YBS, Paragon & Precise Mortgages

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