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Buy to Let. Unparalleled Service. Now and Always.

Buy to Let. Unparalleled Service. Now and Always.

Matthew Rowne Co-director The Buy to Let Broker

Buy to Let. Unparalleled Service. Now and Always.

The news cannot have escaped you that Boris Johnson is incepting the UK’s 2nd national lockdown from tomorrow. However in respect of mortgages, and all things property related, it is abundantly apparent that circumstance will be very different for landlords. 

Despite new UK wide restrictions being introduced from the 5th November, it has been confirmed by housing secretary Robert Jenrick that the housing market will remain open for business.

Specific clarification was imparted that estate agents, construction sites, and indeed tradespeople can continue to work ‘as normal’.

Many of the national surveyors have also confirmed their stance that valuations will continue to progress, whilst adhering to appropriate social distancing measures.

Finally, similar messages have been disseminated in respect of solicitors, confirming that the conveyancing process will continue, enabling property purchases and re-finances to continue to proceed throughout the lockdown.

The impact, not just to our clients but to all operators within our complex sphere of the market is that all property transactions, Residential, Buy to Let, Bridging, Commercial and indeed all things specialist should be able to progress to that all-important completion.

Additionally, payment holidays are active again, providing even greater stability and confidence if needed amongst landlords embracing the challenges and opportunities ahead, although we envisage that this time around, those only of the greatest need will be the only one’s to apply.

It would be prudent for us to emphasise that it is realistic that the second lockdown may potentially create further unavoidable service delays for lenders and some solicitors, especially in tandem with the current crescendo in purchase demand created by the Stamp Duty Holiday which is due to expire in March.

However, our specialist award-winning team are on hand to provide specialist advice in respect of this, although no guarantees can be made, we will endeavour to meet the required timescales.

Indeed, with an already robust infrastructure and contactless service, as we face all of the new challenges that the future will undoubtedly bring – excellence continues to be our benchmark.  We are absolutely relentless as a team in ensuring that this service level continues despite the increased complexity and plethora of challenges we all face.

Co-director Matthew Rowne added:

“Whilst we understand that there will be a degree of trepidation as we head back into lockdown, I am fully confident that the team will continue to exceed expectations and go above and beyond for you; it’s business as usual. We’re in daily discussions with every lender to ensure that you get the most up to date advice as the changes arise.

As a firm we have always tried to embed agile principles, ensuring the team can work fluidly and that the service we provide is seamless as standard. We have also always been a human-first business, keeping in mind that it is real people like you with individual needs that we are helping and nevermore has this been more pertinent. For us, it really is all about you getting what you need.

I do not think I am misplaced in professing that most within our increasingly complex lending and specialist Buy to Let (and all that influence within our sector) have learnt valuable lessons from the initial lockdown, and the subsequent industry-wide restrictions imposed on all. Indeed lenders are generally much better equipped to deal with this second lockdown, displaying a huge degree of agility, robustness and a level of antifragility in the face of a myriad of challenges thrown in its direction.

I hope it goes without saying that each and every team member, is here to help you as we weather whatever the rest of 2020 will throw at us and I truly believe that together we will come out of this stronger.”

Should you have any questions or queries about your mortgage, potential financial options or portfolio concerns, we really do encourage you to pick up the phone and speak to one of our specialist team on 08009499410