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Bridging Finance

Bridging Finance

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Discover bridging rates from 0.55% – 0.84% per month

If you are looking for ways to finance your next property purchase, a bridging loan could be the short-term solution you need to get it done.

We can help you to buy, build or renovate your next property with the latest rates, expert guidance and industry access to rates not available on the high street.

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Easily Compare Lenders

With us, you can not only compare deals from a huge range of bridging lenders in one place, but you can get access to exclusive and semi-exclusive deals, not available direct. We’ll find you a deal to suit both your short-term and long-term goals.

Get up to 75% Loan-to-Value (LTV)
Terms starting from as little as one month

Expert Bridging Advice

Our advisers have in-depth market knowledge, from years of experience in dealing with everything from complex bridging loans to development finance and auction finance. With advanced lender access, the latest rates on the market and our expertise, we can help you find a bridging loan for your project.

We're a 5-star rated service
Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to borrow up to £25m

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To get started, chat to one of our bridging finance advisers and get your free no-obligation quote to find out if you can save and easily compare bridging loan rates from lenders across the market.

Fast credit backed terms available
We've achieved completions in as little as a week

Get the Latest Bridging Finance Rates & Industry Insights

We understand that when it comes to bridging finance there is no ‘one size fits all’ and with the market evolving on a daily basis, we get that each project is unique, so we’ll give your project the time and care it deserves. To get the latest rates and deals available for your project, chat with one of our bridging finance advisers.

You can call us on 08009499410 or let us know your contact details and and one our expert bridging advisers will be in touch shortly.

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How We’ve Recently Helping Developers

Discover how Matt’s development finance expertise helped his clients to secure the funding they needed, PLUS saved them well over 6 figures in the process.
Learn how our bridging broker Tom Headey helped his clients to secure a competitive bridging loan in just 8 day with flexible terms to suit their needs.

Get Expert Insights On Bridging Finance

Why Should I Consider Bridging Finance?

We always recommend considering all angles when dealing with your finance but a bridging loan can be a real saviour when traditional finance has failed or you are looking for a suitable exit route from your current property. Bridging finance can also help add value to a property, giving you the cash to do light and heavy refurbishment to get a higher value for the property when you come to sell it.

Bridging lenders may lend where other traditional routes fail, some of these situations include:

Rapid Speed Requirement – transactions with very tight deadlines. e.g. contract races/auctions.
Renovation Need – Light Refurbishment & Heavy Refurbishment projects
Chain Break – avoid relying on a purchaser for existing property sales.
Permitted Development – Bridging finance can be a quick way to develop your property if you are ready to start with the work.
Conversion – this could be converting a house to flats for example.
Short Lease – we can help with purchasing your property to extend the lease and remortgage.
Auction Purchases – if you need the funds before the hammer falls, 28-day exchange could be achievable.
75% Loan to Value – or more using additional security.
New Build Development – purchasing land or building a new housing development.

Want to know more?

The Buy to Let Broker Mortgage Awards

Our service has won awards. Lots of them.

Our mission is to deliver award-winning service to landlords across the UK, so we’re super proud to been recognised with a whole host of awards in Mortgage Strategy’s Best Broker for Buy-to-Let in 2022!

What Rates Can You Get For A Bridging Loan?

We work with a wide range of lenders, including high street and specialist, so we’ll find you a range of options to consider, including some not even available direct. With competitive rates currently available for lower loan to values and our help, you could potentially save when it comes to your next investment.

Other fees may include a valuation fee, arrangement fee, legal fees and with certain lenders an exit fee, so it’s recommended to make use of a specialist broker like us, as we can find a deal which will suit the project and of course most importantly, you and your budget.

Our in-depth market knowledge can also save you money, for example, did you know that interest can be rolled up to limit your outgoing costs during the project.

Avoid wasting endless hours searching the internet and all of the calls, as we’ll scour the market and compare a wide range of lenders and products from across the market for you. You can also benefit from our established relationships with lenders including LendInvest, Glenhawk, Precise Mortgages and United Trust Bank to name but a few. That being said, we’ll only ever recommend solutions that are right for your needs.

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Maximise Your Investment With Expert Bridging Guidance

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Bridging finance is the closest thing to cash that money can buy; it’s often the easiest (and in some cases only) way for you to acquire property that may otherwise be out of reach – and most importantly, it enables you to generate profit where without the correct funding, you will be losing out. You might be looking at a run-down property declined by a buy to let lender, conversion of a single unit to a block of flats, a tired property project to sell on, a new build development, conversion from commercial to residential, the proverbial list goes on.

There is a vast myriad of reasons to utilise these secured funds, and a bridging loan can be a fast and often straightforward solution that will allow you to draw down funds quickly and with fewer underwriting requirements than other more typical and difficult routes, which may not ultimately come to fruition.

One of the added advantages of using ourselves for your bridging finance is that we can also secure the mortgage to exit the bridging finance which is one of the most common concerns with bridging, we will never advise you to enter a commitment we do not reasonably feel we can refinance you out of. A successful remortgage or exit is paramount and many pure bridging brokers simply don’t have the means, permissions, wherewithal or experience to facilitate the ‘out’. However we’re experienced in a wide range of mortgage options, this is because we are FCA regulated advisers and award-winning buy to let brokers, as well as being expert bridging brokers to boot.

Whether you are hunting for buy to let property or even a new ‘ground-up’ development, we can help you secure finance options to move your project forward.

How Our Bridging Finance Works

We’re dedicated to delivering hassle-free borrowing to get your finance needed as fast as possible.


Quick Chat

It starts with an investigative call to understand your needs. We’ll just need to understand the project primarily, your plans and your experience. This will give us a chance to review how to structure the deal to suit you and your project. And it gives you a chance to test us on all things short-term finance.



You can then leave the hard work to us, as we’ll piece together the deal, using all the merits uncovered during the initial call we’ll then negotiate on your behalf with the lenders best suited to the project. We’ll even utilise the quotes we’ve already received to secure the most competitive solution through us from our lender partners. This is about us selling your business to the lender – and at the right pricing model. No credit check is needed here.


Credit Backed Terms

We understand the need for speed, so we work fast. You’ll have your zero cost personalised quotes fast with credit-backed terms available.


Application Support
Once you are ready, we will help get your bridging loan approved. We’ll support you every step of the journey from application, valuation and legals to completion.

Why Choose The Buy to Let Broker?

Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider a bridging loan through us for your next investment.

How we may be able to help:

You’re human and so are we – so you’ll get bridging expertise with the human touch. No automated responses.

We’ll compare a wide range of deals from lenders across the market for you.

Even if your needs are complex, our advisers are here to help.

You could benefit from our in-depth market knowledge – we’ve decades of combined mortgage experience.

You’ll always get the real cost of a deal including payments and fees over a specific period, not just the initial rate.

You’ll get access to a huge range of bridging lenders, including high street and specialist, in one place.

We’re highly recommended – so far we’ve received over 900 5* reviews on feefo.com

Through us, you can get access to lender credit committees for larger deal sign-off exceptions.

You can get a free no-obligation mortgage quote, packed with our competitive options.

You’ll get access to exclusive & semi-exclusive schemes, not available to you direct.

Quick, easy, hassle-free borrowing as we do all of the admin, so you don’t have to.

You’ll get a dedicated mortgage adviser, so you know who is dealing with your application at any given time. You’ll also receive regular updates from our support team.

Get A Quick Free Bridging Finance Quote

Discover Why We’re Rated 5* by Landlords and Investors

If you need a bridging loan quick, give us a call today on 08009499410 and we’ll talk through your needs and compare the latest deals from a wide range of lenders.

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In some cases bridging finance may need to be regulated but have no fear we are accredited by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Please be aware that your property may be at risk if you don’t keep up with repayments.